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Our Story

I fell in love with cooking and food ever since I was 10. I consider ​myself lucky to have witnessed the mastery of my mother's culinary ​abilities as she expertly crafts delicious homemade dishes in the ​kitchen. When I was growing up, my mother would cook for our ​large family of six. With five siblings, each with their own unique ​tastes, she would mix and match ingredients to create delicious ​meals that everyone could enjoy. It was impressive how she could ​make it appear that the meal was specially prepared for everyone's ​favourite dish.

Our inspiration comes from my mother, and we aim to incorporate ​the distinct flavours of our culture and heritage into our dishes. Our ​approach is to blend traditional flavours with a modern twist.

Our contemporary Indian fusion appetizers are tailor-made for any ​event you have coming up. They are the perfect choice for those ​who want to impress their guests with unique and flavorful dishes. ​Rest assured, our customized options will leave everyone satisfied ​and craving more.

- K & K

Rustic Cheese Board
Modern oasis rose



Aloo Tikki Chaat masala with fusion twist

Avocado Paapdi chaat

Burrata Bruschetta

Orzo Pesto Pasta


Masala Paneer hot dogs

Chicken Tikka hot dogs

Pesto Veg. Croissant Sandwich

Chatpata chickpea croissant sandwich

Paneer Tikka Sliders

Aloo Tikki Sliders

Butter Chicken Sliders


Classic Caesar Salad

Greek Salad

Seasonal Salad

Taco Pasta Salad


Fruit Board

Classic cheese & charcuterie Board

Mexican charcuterie Board

Chips and Dips Board

Veggie and Fruits Board

Chaat Paapdi charcuterie board


Make your own DIY Chaat Paapdi station

Make your own DIY Taco bar station

Make your own DIY Nacho station


Graze 'N' Go | Grazing table - $25 per person ( 5-6 items)

Desi Mexican Dream | Grazing Table - $30 per person (11-12 items)

Classic cheese & Charcuterie | Grazing Table - $32 per person (12-15 items)

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Fresh Lemon and Lime
Fresh Lemon and Lime

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Email us at - for our pricing packages and availability. We will get back to you within 24-48 hours. We are delighted to provide the option of personalized menu creation tailored to the specific requirements of your event. Please include the following in your email:

  1. Type of event
  2. Date of event
  3. Number of guests
  4. Location of event

At this time, we are pleased to offer our services only for small event orders exclusively.

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